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This page details the significant changes made to all SkyDemon platform products from one version to the next. The release date given generally corresponds to our PC and Android products; the release date for our iOS product may be slightly different due to Apple's approval process.

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5 Oct 2021
  • Depiction of NOTAMs has been improved on the main map and in virtual radar (iOS, Android, PC)
    Where polygon(s) have been extracted from a NOTAM these are now used to depict the NOTAM in virtual radar and trigger warnings in flight where necessary.
  • It is now possible to rename a turning point that is not associated with a waypoint (iOS, Android, PC)
    Choose Rename Turning Point from the What's Here menu to give a name to a turning point that would otherwise be labelled with its raw coordinates in the Pilot Log.
  • References to AICs within NOTAMs are now hyperlinked (iOS, Android, PC)
    Clicking on the hyperlink takes you straight to the list of AICs for the country with the relevant AIC highlighted.
  • You can now use a two-fingered long press on the map to bring up the Map Ruler (Android)
  • FIXED: Some iOS 15 issues (iOS)
17 Jun 2021
  • The Logs dropdown now prompts for feedback if you've recently flown to an airfield for which we have little data (iOS, Android, PC)
    You'll see a banner at the top of the dropdown making it easy to briefly contribute data for the benefit of other pilots.
  • Find a Destination now includes badges for the most popular airfields in each country (iOS, Android, PC)
    This is useful if you are flying to a new country and want to find out the places most other people go to.
  • FIXED: Connections to PilotAware could fail to reconnect after locking the device (iOS)
24 May 2021
  • Added separate support for third-party traffic receivers Air Avionics AT-1 and PowerFLARM Fusion (iOS, Android, PC)
  • FIXED: SkyDemon could crash when opening the pilot log (iOS, Android, PC)
4 May 2021
  • Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) coordinates can now be entered into the Find window (iOS, Android, PC)
  • Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) coordinates can now be entered into the Find window (iOS, Android, PC)
  • You can now edit the aircraft registration in a track log (iOS, Android, PC)
  • Fall back to Location Services on connection failure of SkyEcho 2, Flarm or PilotAware traffic receivers (iOS, Android)
    When SkyDemon detects the connection to your device has failed you can choose to temporarily revert to Location Services, so you can keep navigating and logging your flight. When SkyDemon detects your traffic receiver is working again it will automatically switch back.
30 Mar 2021
  • Various optimisations to internet communications (iOS, Android, PC)
15 Feb 2021
  • A new Flyable Conditions weather layer has been added, showing forecast weather conditions related to your own personal preferences (iOS, Android, PC)
    This layer colours the whole map according to the flyability of the forecast conditions, based on your own ceiling and visibility preferences. Clear or green means the conditions are good, yellow means they are marginal and red means they are bad.
12 Jan 2021
  • SkyEcho 2 configuration has been improved (iOS, Android)
    SkyDemon now allows you to set whether your SkyEcho device receives UAT or FLARM data. We also prompt you to review the configuration if we detect you are licensed to decode FLARM data but your SkyEcho is set to receive UAT.
16 Dec 2020
  • Weekend View now activates automatically when you set your takeoff time to a weekend (iOS, Android, PC)
    Weekend View fades out airspace that is only active during the week. When you explicitly set your takeoff time to the weekend, or you go flying at the weekend, we now turn it on automatically. You can still manually turn it on and off.
  • SkyEcho 2 connectivity has been improved (iOS, Android)
    SkyDemon now warns when your device has disconnected from the SkyEcho wifi hotspot, and offers the ability to configure the device from inside SkyDemon. A warning is also shown if it looks like your device is configured for the wrong aircraft.
  • Briefing screen designs have been refreshed (iOS, Android, PC)
    The NOTAM tab, Weather tab, Flight Details and Warnings screens have all been overhauled to fine-tune their appearance and make them more readable.
26 Oct 2020
  • Airspace Use Plan (AUP) data is now integrated into SkyDemon (iOS, Android, PC)
    This data about the activation of certain pieces of airspace is displayed by shading the outside of the airspace in orange, in the same way we do when it has been activated by NOTAM. The What's Here screen shows you the periods and levels in which the piece of airspace has been activated.
28 Sep 2020
  • Fetching of briefing data in the background has been made more efficient (iOS, Android, PC)
  • Further iOS 14 compatibility work around UDP connections to third-party devices (iOS)
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