Map Features at Small Scales

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Posted 03 March 2020 (more news)

In the latest version of SkyDemon we wanted to make the map more useful when you're zoomed right out to 10M, 5M or 3M scales. We made it so that touching anywhere on the map at these zoomed-out scales takes you straight in where you touched, to a normal 500k scale for planning.

More importantly, we changed the colouring and level of detail to make the map more useful. At 10M scale you get an overview of countries so that once you've zoomed out you can instantly zoom back in again somewhere completely different. At 5M scale we show you the Flight Information Regions and their identifiers. At 3M scale we show you an overview of the controlled airspace structures in each country.

If you use these zoom scales and have noticed the new look, let us know what you think!