Year Summary

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Posted 19 December 2019 (more news)

This year has been a great year for development in SkyDemon. We've introduced powerful and innovative new features like verbal traffic information, which acts like your own personal air traffic controller talking to you about nearby traffic. We've rewritten the NOTAM, TAF and METAR briefings so they are clearer and the Airfield and Track Log screens so the considerable amount of information is easier to take in. Our cloud storage service is now more powerful, offering automatic syncing of user waypoints and aircraft profiles.

Over the last few weeks we have been optimising the performance of SkyDemon, and in the next version you'll see a noticeable decrease in startup and chart loading time, and a general speed-up while using the software. We've reviewed many parts of our user interface and streamlined them wherever we can.

All this work makes SkyDemon a much more powerful product, and we are especially proud that once again we have finished the year with fewer buttons and options in our user interface than when we started: SkyDemon is easier to use than it's ever been.

We wish all our customers a happy festive season and we'll see you in the New Year!