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Posted 29 November 2019 (more news)

In the next version of SkyDemon we've brought the Find tool out of hiding in navigation mode. It used to reside in the main menu, but we thought that it deserved to be promoted so we've moved it to top of the screen (only when there is sufficient room).

We also took a look at what people are actually using the Find tool for. In most cases it's because they want to introduce a new waypoint into their route or to report their position relative to it. Selecting a waypoint result now shows a screen with these options in, so there's no need to keep touching the screen in order to achieve the desired result. Of course it's still easy to scroll the map to the position.

You'll also notice that by default, the Find window contains all the waypoints left to reach in your planned route. This makes it very easy to select one and proceed directly there, when ATC have given you a clearance or otherwise made a shortcut possible.