User Waypoints

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Posted 12 November 2019 (more news)

Last week we asked you what more you'd like to see from our User Waypoints feature. You gave us loads of feedback so we'd like to share with you the work we've done so far for the next version of SkyDemon.

User Waypoints are now organised into folders, so you can manage them more easier. You can show or hide entire folders of user waypoints on the map at once, and you decide which folders are synced with the cloud and which are kept only on your device. When a folder is synced with the cloud, it is copied to all your devices whenever you press the sync button. This process will likely be made fully automatic in a future version.

We've added a new button in the navigation menu to quickly create a user waypoint at your current position, and we've added lots of new symbols for you to choose from. You can also now use the What's Here menu to quickly delete or edit a user waypoint from the map, so you don't have to go and look for it in the user waypoint management screen.

Beta versions of SkyDemon for iOS, Android and PC will be released this week so testers can start playing with the new features.

With our new feature to easily create user waypoints in flight at the current position, we couldn't agree on whether you should be prompted to change the default name for the new waypoint (if you wish to) or whether we should name them automatically with some kind of algorithm. What do you think?