NOTAM Brief Improvements

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Posted 12 March 2019 (more news)

You may have noticed that the latest version of SkyDemon brings a redesign of the NOTAM briefing, with significantly enhanced functionality.

Special items in the body of NOTAMs are now turned into hyperlinks offering more functionality. Coordinates take you straight to the map, so you can see exactly where they refer to. References to AIP SUP documents now automatically enable you to find and read the document. References to pieces of airspace take you straight there on the map. Web links and email addresses work as you would expect.

Many people haven't yet used our NOTAM hiding features. Touching the Close button at the top right of a NOTAM tells SkyDemon you no longer wish to see it in a briefing, or on your map. That NOTAM is hidden forever unless you unhide it.

What's your favourite recent NOTAM improvement in SkyDemon?
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