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This download is for both subscribers and people evaluating SkyDemon. The first time you run the software you will be prompted for your SkyDemon credentials, which we should have emailed to you when you purchased or started your free trial.

There may be beta versions available for this software.

Download SkyDemon v3.8.5
Released on Monday 13 November 2017
Instructions for Upgrading

The above download is an installer file which will install SkyDemon on your Windows PC. After installation the program is available from your Start Menu. For more information about using SkyDemon Plan and SkyDemon Mobile, read the product documentation by following the links below.

SkyDemon Plan requires the Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0 to be installed. The vast majority of computers have this, but if yours does not, follow this link to download it.

SkyDemon Help, Videos and Support

Download Extras

BGA Turnpoints 2017

All the British Gliding Association official turnpoints in a SkyDemon user waypoint file, with the exception of those that coincide with existing SkyDemon waypoints.

Extract the GPX file from the ZIP archive then use the Import facility in the Waypoints manager to import the waypoints.

UK Postcode Database

Add this file to your SkyDemon installation to enable postcode searching in the Find window. The exact location of the postcode is then displayed along with the closest airfields.

Extract the file from the ZIP archive into the SkyDemon folder within your My Documents folder, or use iTunes to copy the file into the SkyDemon folder on your iPad.

Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2012. Contains Royal Mail data © Royal Mail copyright and database right 2012.

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