Colour High Terrain

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Posted 18 July 2018 (more news)

Want to go flying through mountain valleys, but with a restricted ceiling due to aircraft performance or weather?

SkyDemon can now help you plan where you can safely go. In the latest version you can tap into SkyDemon's terrain rendering, giving it a reference altitude (which you can change at any time) which is then used to shade the background of the chart, revealing how close your reference altitude is to terrain. A helpful key is shown so you know exactly which colours correspond to which terrain elevations.

This feature has existed for some time in navigation mode; we called it TerrainSafe and it has helped countless people get out of valleys when the weather closed in. It's now available in planning mode too, we have renamed it Colour High Terrain (to be more descriptive) and it's under the Terrain entry in the Mapping menu.
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