Double Tap Sync

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Posted 11 July 2018 (more news)

Did you know that in the latest version of SkyDemon, you can quickly sync the view of any stage of your route between the main map and virtual radar?

In this video, I can see a large restricted area in virtual radar that my route is going through. I double tap where it begins, and the main map scrolls across to show the whole area and specifically highlights the exact point I tapped. I open the What's Here menu by pressing and holding, and can see it's a temporary restricted area created by a NOTAM.

I then scroll the main map along, looking at the remainder of my route. Towards the end I can see it overlapping some controlled airspace, so I double tap again only this time in the main map. The virtual radar view scrolls along and highlights that point, so that I can see my planned altitude at that point in the flight.

Now that double tapping like this works both ways around, it's easier than ever to switch between the two views to compare the lateral and vertical path of your planned flight.
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