Logging Enhancements

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Posted 10 January 2018 (more news)

We have been working hard enhancing the way logging works in SkyDemon.

Previously, we just recorded your position and trajectory periodically. Logging in our next version builds upon this by also recording the aircraft you're flying, the route you have planned and a number of events which may occur during the flight.

So what features are unlocked by this? When reviewing a log, you can see a thin magenta representation of the route you had planned, with your actual flight laid on top of it. You can log engine and off/on blocks times along with the standard flight times, which should help with filling in the aircraft tech log and your own pilot logbook. In the debriefing pack we now build a post-flight pilot log (an example is in the photo), showing your actual time of arrival at all the waypoints from your planned route.

What do you think? What other logging functionality would you like to see?
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