Airfield Proximity Warnings

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Posted 25 October 2017 (more news)

The next version of SkyDemon introduces Airfield Proximity warnings. You'll see a warning in planning mode if one of your planned legs takes you very close to an airfield that you're not actually landing at. You'll see a warning in navigation mode if you're about to fly very close to an airfield which isn't part of your planned journey.

What do we mean by very close? Well, close enough that a safety issue might exist between you and circuit traffic. We think that if you're flying closer than one mile laterally and within 1500 feet vertically, that should produce a warning.

We introduced this warning to help with the case where the pilot hasn't noticed the presence of an airfield on the map, or when the airfield is actually hidden from the map because of user settings. In either of these cases, we think a warning could be valuable just to draw the pilot's attention to the fact there's an airfield right in front and not far below.

Of course, if you're flying more than 1500 feet above an airfield, this new class of warning will not be triggered.

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