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Posted 29 August 2017 (more news)

Our last couple of posts on here have both been seeking feedback on ideas we've had about quickly determining your distance to something on the map when flying. Between them they generated hundreds of comments!

We've taken your feedback on board and have come up with the attached feature. When you're flying and you bring up the What's Here menu, there's a new blue bar at the top showing how far you are from the waypoint under your finger, and dynamically updating with the bearing to and from it as well. This means that with one touch, you can retrieve all of this information.

In addition, you can touch the blue bar which activates the Track Waypoint function. That means the position report at the top of the screen will track only that waypoint until you tell it to stop. It's great when ATC keep asking you to report your position relative to the same waypoint!

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