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Posted 18 May 2017 (more news)

Have you used the Pilot Feedback feature in version 3.8 yet? Open the Airfields tab and touch Show Pilot Feedback to turn it on. It's ideal for those situations where you're going flying but you'd like some inspiration about a destination.

Pilot Feedback takes feedback from other SkyDemon users, and shows it on your map. You get an instant star rating for an airfield, an idea of the landing fees payable, the cost of fuel and the availability of food. You can view the feedback in more detail by tapping it, and this includes useful comments written by other visitors to the airfield on topics such as food quality and the state of the runway and taxiways.

Why not get involved? To share your own feedback for an airfield you've visited recently, view the airfield in the Airfields tab and touch Share Pilot Feedback.
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