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Posted 14 September 2016 (more news)

Last week we wrote about the new Briefing Pack features coming in the imminent 3.6.4 release of SkyDemon. In the same release we've also taken advantage of our new printing engine to bring you the Debriefing Pack.

A Debriefing Pack is intended to be used by instructors or anybody who takes other people flying. It takes the log of the flight and produces beautiful printed output for posterity. The first page is a large map of the flown area with the breadcrumb trail overlaid, and subsequent pages show virtual radar strips with height and airspace penetration, and significant events in the flight. The events section shows the time, your distance, height and speed when you enter and leave airspace, and pass significant features. The Debriefing Pack will be available on iOS, Android and PC.

In addition to the Debriefing Pack we have also introduced a Share on Social Media button in our iOS and Android products, when you're looking at a flight log. This produces an image like this one (see our Facebook page), which contains a map and virtual radar, so you can easily show your friends a flight that you've just completed.

You can see the full Debriefing Pack output for this flight at
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