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For the very latest news on what we're up to, please see our page on Facebook. We try to post the same news here and there, but on there we are able to directly solicit feedback and also provide pictures and links which better show what we're working on.

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Pilot Feedback and Airfields
03 May 2018

A little over a year ago, we built upon our fuel price sharing engine and introduced Pilot Feedback, which as you can see has been a very popular way for pilots to rate airfields, leave comments about them, notify others of the prices of fuel and landing fees and whether food is available on-site. ...

Post-Show Work
27 April 2018

Wow, what a show! We had our busiest ever Aero at Friedrichshafen last week. Many thanks to everybody who came to speak to us. We met a huge number of existing customers, many of whom had ideas and suggestions for us and many of whom simply wanted to express their satisfaction in person. We also ...

Queen's Awards for Enterprise
21 April 2018

The Queen's Awards are the UK's highest accolade for business success. We are very proud to be one of only a few double award winners this year, winning awards for Innovation and also for International Trade. Tim Dawson, SkyDemon founder and Managing Director, said: “Using my software skills t...

Aero Friedrichshafen
13 April 2018

Who's coming to Aero at Friedrichshafen next week? We will be there of course, hall A6 stand 501. Friedrichshafen is Europe's biggest GA trade show, and if you've never been, you really should visit. There are exhibitors like us covering practically every aspect of general aviation, and we spend ...

RNAV Waypoints
10 April 2018

We recently added RNAV and other instrument approach-specific waypoints to our data for many countries in Europe, and these are in effect in our latest charts and with the latest SkyDemon software. There are thousands of these waypoints, which means we do not show them on our charts; we tried it,...

Aerial Photography
21 March 2018

Introducing the new Aerial Photography feature in the forthcoming version of SkyDemon. This combines two old features (Airfield Explorer and Satellite View) into one comprehensive view of the world, with the emphasis on aeronautical features displayed on actual scenery. We've retained all the capabi...

Instrument Approach Profile
14 March 2018

We recently prototyped a feature where the vertical profile part of an instrument approach chart is georeferenced. In this screenshot, SkyDemon has "lit up" the vertical profile in green to indicate you're currently flying the extended centreline, and a yellow-on-black bar is creeping along the box ...

Labelling Enhancements
28 February 2018

Earlier this year we spent almost a whole week rewriting a lot of the text rendering code in SkyDemon from scratch. We did this for a few reasons, including speed benefits, improving legibility and so we could support better labelling on the map. It took a while because this code is different for PC...

Georeferenced IFR Charts
21 February 2018

Some of you may have noticed that we have recently been georeferencing instrument approach charts. These charts can now be overlaid on the main map, providing a useful reference when conducting an instrument approach. In the future it is likely we will georeference SID and STAR charts too. The fo...

Logging Enhancements
10 January 2018

We have been working hard enhancing the way logging works in SkyDemon. Previously, we just recorded your position and trajectory periodically. Logging in our next version builds upon this by also recording the aircraft you're flying, the route you have planned and a number of events which may occ...

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