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For the very latest news on what we're up to, please see our page on Facebook. We try to post the same news here and there, but on there we are able to directly solicit feedback and also provide pictures and links which better show what we're working on.

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Distance-Based Alerts
14 August 2017

SkyDemon has always offered an in-flight timer feature, where you can set up your own timers which will periodically remind you to do something during your flight. This is great for such things as remembering to check the engine temperatures and pressures. From time to time we are asked if we c...

Auto Zoom
05 July 2017

We are prototyping an enhancement to SkyDemon where as well as following the course of your aircraft, the map will gently zoom in and out, as you leave your takeoff airfield and as you approach your destination. The feature works for all map orientations, and ensures that both you and your takeof...

Integrated Flightplan Management
26 June 2017

Have you ever wished you could cancel, delay and close your flightplans without leaving the SkyDemon app? The next version of SkyDemon integrates flightplan management directly into the app. No need to visit our website, and no need to log in. Simply open the Setup menu and choose Manage Flightpl...

Formation Transit Timings
19 June 2017

It's the little things: we've always drawn scheduled formation transits on our maps together with little arrows to show you where the aircraft are going and in which direction. For Red Arrows transits, the arrows are appropriately red. In the next version of SkyDemon we will also draw the timings...

Android Performance Improvements
07 June 2017

Android users: good news! We have dramatically improved the speed of georeferenced plate display ready for the next version of SkyDemon. We've been testing with some of the most complex PDFs in our library and are seeing a consistent tenfold increase in performance.

Aero Expo
30 May 2017

We are exhibiting at Aero Expo this week, on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. We will be showing off all the new features in SkyDemon and answering all your questions. Will you be coming to the show?

Pilot Feedback
18 May 2017

Have you used the Pilot Feedback feature in version 3.8 yet? Open the Airfields tab and touch Show Pilot Feedback to turn it on. It's ideal for those situations where you're going flying but you'd like some inspiration about a destination. Pilot Feedback takes feedback from other SkyDemon users, ...

What's Here
18 April 2017

The trade shows we attend are a great way for us to identify potential areas of improvement in our software usability. Two particular pieces of feedback we were getting at Aero Friedrichshafen have led to us prototyping a new and improved What's Here screen, and we want your feedback. The first c...

Airfield Feedback
29 March 2017

Are you coming to Aero Friedrichshafen next week? It's Europe's biggest aviation trade fair and we will be there, showing off two new features in particular. The first feature in this video shows pilot feedback. We took our existing fuel price sharing feature and extended it, making it easy for y...

Airfield Feedback
15 March 2017

Have you ever wished SkyDemon could tell you the landing fee at an airfield, or whether food is available? How about just knowing the experiences of other pilots who have flown there recently? The forthcoming version of SkyDemon expands upon our existing fuel price sharing technology to integrate...

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